how to write a paper 12

Writing A Research Paper

Take heed of these best tips and tricks to organize your thoughts and get your thesis on paper as fast as possible. Font type, font size, and line spaces are important factors to consider when formatting your work.

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Introductions & Conclusions

Aside from a few breaks and snacks, it’s best to set up a comfortable place to write. Give yourself some time to outline and find/cite research. Once you know how you’re going to approach the subject, then you can start drafting. It goes without saying the best way to write a paper is to give yourself enough time to outline, draft, and edit. Yet, it’s still possible to write in less time.

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Writing For The Web

Be sure to cite everything you use to avoid plagiarism. You’ve likely already spent time panicking. Once you calm yourself of the anxiety of having to finish a 10- or 20-page paper in one night, organize your plan of attack. First, you should designate an area free of distractions so that you can focus.